Red Lanterns

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The RL Service is a platform for community support and development, whose goal is to increase the overall level of sexual literacy around the world. Anyone who has installed the RL mobile application and registered as a User will be able to find a proven Expert or training content here tailored to their own individual sexual preferences. Specialists with unique skills and knowledge in the field of sexology, psychology, sexual relations and human physiology will be able to make themselves known as Experts and help other people to receive answers to their individual questions.

Our team offers an educational platform to receive answers to individual questions about sex. Red Lanterns is an ecosystem for gaining knowledge directly from the Expert, whereof rating and professionalism is determined by the community itself. 

Against the background of anonymity of payments and contracts offered by blockchain technology, our mobile platform also offers anonymity of your reputation: you can contact the Expert using a protected video with augmented reality and hide your face with a mask.

Red Lanterns offers all the tips and knowledge about sex and sexual relationships in a safe, modern, exciting new style!