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Our main goal is to create an international mobile virtual operator using its own cryptocurrency for payments. For the first time ever the subscribers receive mobile services in exchange for a cryptocurrency.. Our proposal is based on a unique scheme. The MoBee ecosystem is composed of three components: the MoBee virtual operator as such, the NetWorx platform and the DiStream moneybox.

The MBE token is backed with daily in- demand mobile services of the real economy sector.

The MBE token is also supported by the telecoms outsourcing market of the NetWorx platform.

At the Pre-ICO and the ICO stages, the interested party has a unique  opportunity to obtain an MBE token at a big discount (the link to the ICO section).
The token issue is limited. No additional tokens are set to be issued after the ICO.
An additional discount will be provided for any purchase if the purchase price exceeds 3 ETH.

The possibility to pay with the MBE tokens in partner networks when making purchases.

We forecast that the MBE token will be increasingly more backed with the resources of mobile services as the project will unfold and the MoBee virtual  operator will expand its coverage.

The possibility to multiply the tokens kept on the subscriber account using DiStream moneybox.

The token will be listed on stock exchanges which will make it possible to convert it in other cryptocurrencies.